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How To Get Unlimited Leads For Your Business
May 29, 2019
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How To Get Unlimited Leads For Your Business
May 29, 2019

How I Grew My Shopify Store To $100,000/Month In Less Than 90 Days…

I’m going to explain the process of how we were able to grow our Shopify store from zero to a hundred thousand dollars a month in a little over 60 days. I’ll explain that process really quickly to you.

First things first, when I started with our Shopify store, I did something that a lot of people don’t do, but I found somebody that is really, really good at Shopify and I consulted with them by the name of Jared Goetz. In this particular scenario, he ended up becoming a good friend of mine and we’ve both helped each other out.

Jared grew the second fastest growing Shopify store of all time, only behind Kylie Jenner. He did zero to $2 million in just 60 days. He’s brilliant at it.

Step number one was I modeled people that already had the results that I wanted to. The fastest way to get success is simply model somebody that’s already done it and follow what they’ve done. That was probably the majority of the grunt of the work was finding somebody that was really good at it and getting in contact with them and having them help me build it.

As far as the actual build out goes, it was actually pretty simple. Shopify obviously makes it pretty easy to get going. We implemented a theme that Jared had that was already working, and we came up with this logo and we called it the TRENDY Gorilla. I didn’t get stuck on the name which a lot of people get stuck on.

We were on the boat one day and drove past this house with a huge gigantic gorilla in their yard. So, I decided to call the store the TRENDY Gorilla.

Long story short, we did some research to find out what products are selling hot right now. We didn’t do a certain little, tiny niche like a dog niche or a cat niche or anything like that. We basically went to a broader market and just figured out whatever was selling hot at the time.

Jared actually has this tool which I believe is called Ecom Product Finder. It’s a really cool tool that basically scours the internet and helps finds the hottest trending products at the time.

From there, basically what we did was we hired a virtual assistant from www.upwork.com to start doing all of our customer service and what not.

Then the next thing was we started running Facebook ads to our Shopify store. Very quickly after we became profitable, we brought on a guy that’s a Facebook ads expert in the field and hired him and he started running our Facebook ads.

As the store grew, we hired more people to make it more of a hands-off operation. It was around 60-75 days where we went from zero (I didn’t know anything about Shopify) all the way up to a hundred thousand dollars a month in sales which obviously is not all profit.

That’s basically how we did it. If you would like to get in contact with Jared, let me know and I’ll make sure to get you guys connected. Jared has a really cool program where he basically builds you a Shopify store just like he did for me. If you’re interested in doing that, I’ll do a little plug here for my buddy Jared Goetz. He’s the best in the business and he’s not some random guru. He actually hasn’t taught this to a whole lot of people yet because he’s just now starting getting into the “teaching” space.

Again, he grew the fastest growing Shopify store of 2017, and the second all-time fastest Shopify store behind Kylie Jenner. If you want me to get you guys connected, just let me know in the comments!

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