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How I LOST 40 Bitcoins Overnight

So it was back around 2014 or so and me and my friends had decided to buy a whole bunch of bitcoin before it was this hot trending topic like it is now.

I had invested $20,000 into bitcoin when it was about $300 a coin if I remember right. I may be off a little bit, but the bottom line is I bought a ton of bitcoin and so did my friends that we invested with and what happened really sucks..

What happened was we ended up giving it to this guy that was supposedly going to go in and trade our bitcoin. He was trading it for a while and we were seeing all these returns from it. Then we woke up one day and we found out that all our bitcoin was gone like poof out of thin air.

If you think about it, today, I believe the amount that I owned would have been worth a little over a million dollars. With my friends collectively, it would have been over $15 million dollars.

So, in a matter of a day we had lost like $15 million dollars. Imagine that, it was a tragedy. It’s something that I still think about today because I don’t really know the truth of what happened; whether this guy stole it or what.

Long story short, the moral of the story is as you’re going through life and doing your thing, things are going to happen right? Shit’s going to hit the fan and stuff that’s out of your control is going to happen.

A lot of people get to this point where something bad happens to them and they let it really drain them for a long time.

My advice is shit’s going to happen, it’s bound to happen and my advice is you just have to keep moving forward instead of thinking about the past. Whenever I think about the past, I get so angry at this guy or at this situation and how much we lost.

The key is to like keep your mind focused on the future and on the vision and what’s ahead and to just keep moving forward because stuff in your past, you can’t really change it so it doesn’t help to go back and dwell on it.

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