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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

How I Make 100k/month with Facebook Ads

I’m about to share with you exactly how I’m using Facebook advertising to do $100,000 a month inside of my business.

I’m actually going to show you the ad, and show you how everything works. Take a look at it.

As you can see, it’s not $100,000 every month. This was 100,000 in January. Then it was 81,000 in February, 97,000 in March. It was 144,000 in April, 116, 120 … You get the point. It’s not always 100,000 but it’s around that. If we average it, it’s maybe a little bit more.

Here’s how the strategy all works…

Basically, we go out on Facebook, and we place these little Facebook ads. We send people on Facebook to a little webpage. This is called a funnel, but we basically send them to a webpage, and we have a free training, where basically we’re training them how to do stuff. This could be anything. It could be you’re training guys how to pick up chicks. It could be you’re training people how to lose weight. It could be you’re training people how to make money, sell stuff, whatever it is.

We send them to a webinar that looks like this. Basically, they just put in their email to join our webinar, okay? After they put in their email to join our webinar, we take them to a page that actually plays the webinar. Inside of this video, we actually help them. We actually prove to them that, hey, we know what we’re doing. We can actually help you. A lot of people get a ton of value out of it. At the end, if people want help implementing it, then we sell them something.

This is our whole strategy, and again, you could use this to sell anything. We usually sell information products and coaching and stuff like that, stuff that’s more high-end, usually between $1,000 to $8,000.

Here’s what the ad looks like.

It’s basically a picture of me and Tony Robbins, which Tony Robbins like the coolest guy ever. There it is. When people go ahead and they click on this, they get sent to a page that looks just like this. Here is basically what we call a blog or an article, and it took me literally two minutes … No. Maybe not two. Maybe like 20 minutes to set this up on the site called ClickPhotos that I use, okay? It’s basically just me telling a bit about my story, and then saying, “Hey, if you’d like to see how I did it, go register for the training.” They click it and boom! They enter their information. All pretty simple stuff, right?

Let me actually show you inside of the Facebook ad account what that looks like.

It basically looks like this. If you’re seeing this for the first time, then it’s a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo, and this is probably not going to make any sense to you, but basically, basically what it’s saying, for somebody to put in their email address, it’s costing about $1.74. For somebody to actually buy our product, it costs anywhere between $250 to $500. If you think about that, if you spend $250 or $500, and you make $1,000, you make $2,000, you make $5,000, then you’ve got this money printing machine. That’s the whole idea with this is once you learn how to put this together, and you learn a little bit about Facebook ads, which is very basic, you learn how to put these little webpages together and how to actually sell something, then you basically have your own printing press.

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