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May 29, 2019
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How Robots Are Taking Over The World

Robots are quickly beginning to take over the world.

They’re beginning to take over the job market, but if you know how to do this one thing, then you’ll always be set.

I recently watched a robot video and it seems like these robots are literally human beings that can do all these different things. They can run, they can jump, they can pick up things, they’re intelligent, they learn.

You see it.. automation in grocery stores where you can check out by yourself, everything moving to the online/digital world, you even see self-driving cars are becoming a thing.

There’s millions of people that are employed as taxi drivers and Uber drivers, but once self-driving cars become more popular, they won’t be needed any longer.

Even with all that, there is one thing that if you know how to do, then you’ll always be employed. You’ll always be okay and you’ll always thrive, and that one thing is learning how to sell.

If you can learn how to sell, that’s a skill that will never go out of style. I was talking to a couple friends of mine that are younger than I am and they’re just getting out of college and they’re asking recommendations on what they should do. I recommended that they should really learn how to sell.

You could get a door-to-door knocking job, which I think is probably one of the best jobs that you could possibly get. Or, you could learn selling on the phones or whatever else you can think of, but learn how to sell is the bottom line.

To get a lot of repetitions in learning how to sell is arguably the most important skill that there is. That’s what all businesses thrive on, right? If you’re not making sales, they’re out of business.

So, even though that your job, if you’re watching this right now, may be replaced by some sort of robot in the next five or ten years, if you can learn how to sell, then you’ll always be employed and you’ll always be able to be successful.

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