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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

How To Find The Right Work/Life Balance

So, balance and work-life balance. How do you know if you’re working too much,
or how do you know if you’re playing too much? One of the questions that I get a lot is, “Hey Adam, how do you maintain a work-life balance?” Or, “How much should you work and how much should you play?”

I’ll tell you what I do and what I think. I’m in a group of really high-level entrepreneurs in this mastermind group that I’m part of, that just work, work, work, work. These people are workaholics. They work nonstop. One of the things that I think that I do well is have a nice balance in my life between my personal life and having fun, and then actually working.

So a couple things that I do is number one, one day out of every single week, I don’t do any work. It’s totally set aside. I always enjoy that day whether it’s Saturday or Sunday, but one day out of the week I totally set aside. This concept is even talked about in the Bible, right? You work six days a week and you rest for one day a week. So, one day out of the week I’m resting 100%. My rest and my enjoyment takes priority over anything that I have going on, even if I’m extremely busy that day.

The other days, I’m not just working nonstop all day, every day. Usually, one time throughout the day I like to have an hour just to myself, where either I’m going to the gym, or I’m just totally chilling out.

Keep in mind, I know my personality. One of my personality traits is the way that I like to recharge which is by just doing nothing. Doing mindless activities is a great way for me to recharge my battery.

There’s this really good test called the DiSC profile test that will tell you a little bit more
about yourself and what are the best ways to recharge. Cause, for some people, they
recharge really well by pumping iron while others like myself, recharge by doing nothing.

I think that as long as you have one day a week where you just don’t do anything, and then you’re not just getting completely bogged down by working, then I think you’re doing all right. But, I do see a lot of people that they just work way too much.

Think about it: what’s the point? Why do you actually want to work that much? Sure, I get it. You have this mission that you want to accomplish or you want to grow this massive business, but at the same time, I think that you could be more effective if you actually had some time to recharge, so you’re not getting all stressed or tired.

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