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How To Get Incredible Energy In 30 Seconds Or Less!

How to get incredible energy in 30 seconds or less.

This is extremely important because your energy is everything, right? If you have good energy then everything that you do is going to be better than if you have bad energy.

I actually learned this from a peak performance coach who worked with Tony Robbins for many, many years. I was on the phone with her one day and I was telling her how throughout my day, I’m sitting at my computer and a lot of the times I’ll get sluggish, or I’ll get tired. Sometimes, I even got to this point where I felt like I had to take a nap. I just felt like my energy was really low.

She told me about this one little exercise that you can get incredible amounts of energy from  in just 30 seconds. It’s done by bouncing on one of these little things called a rebounder. So, I got one of these off of amazon.com for, like, maybe $50 or whatever, and the whole purpose of it is it just gets your whole body moving, it gets all the blood moving, it’s circulating throughout your body and within 30 seconds of bouncing on this thing, you have a ton more energy.

This is important if you’re in sales, to do before a sales call or really whatever it is you’re doing if you feel like you have a lack of energy or you have low energy.

This rebounder helps and there’s a ton of other health benefits as well that goes along with bouncing on something  like this. It flushes all the lymph, it helps clean your blood and circulates blood throughout your entire body.

There are a ton of really cool benefits, but this little $50 investment is one of my favorite investments that I’ve ever made and I love bouncing on this thing because I feel amazing after.

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