How to get what you want

I think this is applicable to getting anything that you want.

I want to start by telling you this story of why we’re at this particular boat club right now. I believe this process that I’m going to explain to you is how anything happens and how we attract anything into our lives.

So, a little while back, my business partner, Harrison and I were getting ready to move to Delray Beach. Now, it was always his dream to own a boat, and I personally always loved boating because I grew up on a boat.

Fast forward a little bit and when Harrison and I officially moved down to Delray Beach, I found out about this boat club called the Gulfstream Boat Club. I decided my second day living in Delray that I wanted to visit and checkout this boat club to see what it was like.

This was the first time I actually thought about having a boat. It was one time, I thought about it, and I didn’t really think about it again for a couple months.

After a couple months, I started really thinking about how cool it would be to be a member of that boat club we checked out. So naturally, I started thinking about it more frequently.

Eventually, it came to a point where I was thinking about it maybe once every other week. Then, it got to a point where I was thinking about it every single week.

I kept asking myself, “How cool it would be to be able to take out a boat anytime that I wanted to?”

Then, it got to a point where I was thinking about it so much, I started talking to Harrison about how we should both become members of this boat club

Once I talked to Harrison, it got to the point where it was literally the only thing that we were thinking about and talking about.

A week later, Harrison and I were at the pool and we were talking about this literally the whole day. We started hashing out how much it’s going to cost and how we could actually make this happen.

We later went to the boat club and went through all these different obstacles to become members, but we eventually did it! It happened!

Now, there’s 22 different boats that basically we have access to at any time, we can take out whenever we want to.

The reason I tell that story is because it’s the same thing when you’re getting anything that you want in your life, right? It’s something that you think about one time, then a couple times and eventually it becomes the only thing you think about until you actually get it.

Just like with the boat club. That was a thought that I had once, then again and again until it eventually dominated my thoughts. Shortly after that point… BOOM! I was a member of the boat club.

So, when you’re thinking about the things that you want, I believe you can get those things that a lot faster by allowing that thing to dominate your thoughts. It can’t be something you’re just casually thinking about from time to time. Once you can get to that point where it’s all you think about, then it’ll happen a lot faster for you.

That’s what I believe is the secret formula to getting anything that you want in life.