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May 29, 2019
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How To Make $1,000 on Instagram This Weekend

How to make $1,000 this weekend on Instagram. It’s ridiculously simple, and I’m going to explain exactly how to do it in this blog. You’re already scrolling all the time through Instagram so you might as well make some money from it, right? Well, I’m going to show you exactly how you can do just that.

The funny thing is, I guarantee you that 99 out of 100 of you people that are reading this won’t do it even though it’s ridiculously simple.

So, Instagram is obviously a huge, growing platform. There’s a huge need for it in the marketplace, especially with local businesses. One thing that’s hot right now is running Facebook ads for local businesses, but there’s a ton of local businesses that can’t afford to spend money on Facebook, so I want to show you how you can generate them leads for Instagram and now you can get paid for it.

I was just talking with a friend of mine that literally just did this before I wrote this. He found five local businesses inside of our city, Delray Beach, and all he did was go up to them, and told them what I’m about to tell you right now.

The idea is that each business that you get to do this service for, they’ll pay you $300-$500 a month. Before this I was talking with my friend who I mentioned just did this and he even told me, “I bet 99 out of 100 people won’t do this, but I just talked to five businesses and if two of those end up being deals, they each pay me $500 a month, that’s an extra $1000 a month that boom.” The crazy part is, he went out and did all that in just about four hours.

So, here’s how it works. You find four businesses, let’s say five. Businesses that are great for this are businesses like juice shops, clothing stores, gyms, crossfit gyms, local restaurants, etc.

All you do is layout a plan that’s along the lines of, “Hey I’m going to bring more people into your business, I’m going to grow your Instagram presence, I’m going to help you make more money, etc., in exchange for $500.”

So, you’re at the business and you present them something like that. Now, you’ll want to be a little more detailed than that and actually have some sort of presentation for them.

The next step is very simple. The question is, how are you going to fulfill on this?

There’s this amazing software that we’ve created, it’s called BuzzFollow. You can go to buzzfollow.com, sign up for a 14-day free trial and see what it’s like if you want. Just so you know, if you do, we’re actually going to give you a cool little bonus as an incentive for signing up for it.

So to fulfill on this, all you’ll do is you go into Buzzfollow, you enter the Instagram account of the business into this software, and what the software’s going to do is it’s going to go out there and start interacting with people in their market.

The thing that’s really cool about this specific software is you can choose to only interact with people that are in Delray Beach that are also interested in, say, yoga. So, you can start interacting with all these people, and you can start just simply bringing them more leads that are relevant to their niche.

When people start following you due to BuzzFollow interacting with other accounts on their behalf, you just make these new followers a simple offer like, “Hey, I saw that you’re in Delray Beach. As an incentive for following me, I just want to give you this special offer. Come in for our yoga class completely free, plus we’re going to give you “fill in the blank,”. The idea is you make some sort of cool offer to them, and that’s the same thing whether it’s the yoga place or whether that’s a restaurant. It’s very simple, because the software does pretty much all of the work. You just come up with an offer and set them for success.

Then, the business owner is happy and you’re happy because you made an extra $500 a month and it can happen just like that.

I’m going to challenge you here because I know that 99 out of 100 people won’t do this, but it’s really, really easy. Think about it. If you had 10 businesses that were paying you $500 a month, that’s five grand extra a month and it’s not much work on your end. That’s a significant chunk of change for this type of work. Go try it!

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