I’m going to share with you a joke formula that I learned from a veteran stand up comedian, and I’m also going to show you the MLM story formula, which is going to help you tell your story better which will lead to more sign-ups in your business.

So, to give guys some context behind that, this is called the joke formula. I got that from that guy named Kevin Rogers who’s a brilliant standup comedian who’s been doing this for 15 years. He said that all stand up Comedians followed this joke formula and it is actually the same thing just telling your story effectively. He said that if you look at any stand-up Comedians, they always do these four things.

Number one is to get clear on their identity. The first thing they are talking about is who they are, in other words, their identity.

Then, they talk about their struggle. For example, you know Dave Chappelle talks about his struggles with growing up in the hood with his crazy mom.

After that, they have some sort of discovery moment where they discover something and then boom, they have this punchline where you thought the story was going one way, but it immediately goes a different direction.

I’ll probably butcher this, but one of the jokes that I like is from Dave Chappelle. He starts by talking about his identity, who he was. He then talks about his struggles growing up and how he grew up in a home where they didn’t have any “fancy drinks” in the fridge.. they just drank water and also had this stuff called purple drink. Then he talks about the one time he went over to his white friends, Chad’s house, and they had this stuff called grape juice. Dave goes, “What the fuck is grape juice? Like we have purple drink,” and he goes on with the joke but I can’t remember the entire thing. Either way, you get the point.

If you look at any stand-up comedians, they are always following the same formula.

Now, the MLM story formula is very similar. The first thing you want to do is you want to talk about your identity, then your struggle, then your discovery and lastly your result.

It’s an easy structure to tell your story effectively. Remember, the one in network marketing that tells the story of the most wins, so use that formula whenever you meet someone new and your sharing your story with them.