I want to teach you about a really powerful concept for growing your Instagram called power likes. I actually learned this from a couple of friends, Josue and Chris. So, as you probably know, it’s harder and harder to get your message out organically because Instagram is limiting your reach so not everyone who follows you is going to see your posts. And so that will help you dramatically by getting your posts out to more people.

Something that’s interesting about the Instagram algorithm is  that it doesn’t treat all likes equal. So if my picture is getting a like from someone who has 100-200 followers, it’s not the same as getting a like from somebody that has 100,000-200,000 followers. The way Instagram see’s it is if people with a high amount of followers are liking your stuff, it’s “likely more important.”

If you want to get your posts to be seen by more people on your list than what you need to do is you need to get some of these big mega accounts to start liking your stuff. When that happens, your posts are going to get seen by more people. Not only is it going to get seen by people on your list, but also you could show up on the explore page where people can start following you as well.

So what you want to do is start having 3-6 of this bigger accounts start to like and comment on your photos and videos once you post them. Now, most of these guys you can pay for a shout out, to get your link in their bio, to be featured in their story, etc. You could also ask them about having them just like your content. To do this shouldn’t be that expensive, you’ll just have to ask around.

The concept of power liking is really simple. Just form a relationship with some of these big accounts and start asking around. A lot of these big accounts are run by young kids that will take any type of money from you in exchange for a service, so take advantage of that.

To watch Adam’s full video about power likes, click here.