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Should You Invest Into Bitcoin As An Entrepreneur? 🤔

Should you invest in Bitcoin if you’re an entrepreneur?

Interesting question, and I want to tell you guys some advice that I got from my financial advisor. He’s built a massive company, and he offers some really unique advice that’s different than what a lot of people will advise you on, especially in investing.

Long story short, it was last week my friend was hyping me up about this new cryptocurrency investment opportunity that I should invest into. He found this one and he started making some good money on it. I was thinking should I actually do this?

What I decided to do was instead of just dumping my money into it, I actually consulted with my financial advisor, and he didn’t actually tell me to do it, or not to do it, but he gave me some unique advice that I think anybody that’s an entrepreneur should listen to.

He broke it down to me very simply. He said, “It’s not whether or not this investment into this cryptocurrency is a good investment, it’s more along the lines of if it fits into your strategy.” He says, “Adam, here is your strategy and this should be exact same strategy as any entrepreneur. Number one: Your number one best investment is always into yourself.” I’ve actually made videos about this before.  Your best investment is always into yourself. You’re going to get a higher return no matter what.

“Your second best investment, you’re investing into your business,” and, “Your third investment is investing into whatever it may be.” It’s your financial planner, it’s the market, or whatever it is that you’re investing into.

His advice was this, “If it’s not going to take away from the amount of money that you would invest into yourself, or the amount of money that you invest into your business, then go ahead and do it. But, if it’s going to take away from how much you would actually invest into yourself, or to your business, then it’s really a bad idea to do it because these two places are where you’re going to get the biggest return on

investment, even more so than cryptocurrency.”

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re thinking, “Hey, should I get into this cryptocurrency investment?”

Yeah, maybe it is a good thing to get into, but think about it first.

Is the amount of money that you’re going to invest into it … is it going to take away from yourself? Is it going to take away from your business?

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