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May 29, 2019
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The #1 Reason We FAIL At Getting Customers (2019)

The number one reason why people failing at getting customers and what to do about it next. So what do you guys think is actually the number one reason show hands. What do you guys think is the number one reason why you suck at getting customers? Or why do people fail? What's that? Okay. Confidence that's a really good one. What other? Fear? Fear. Okay. Yeah, that's good. Anybody else? What's the number one reason people fail at getting customers? Any ideas? Lack of product knowledge. Okay, follow up. That's really good. Let's go. So the next slide, here's what I believe is the number one reason people fail at getting a new customers or they fail at their marketing or sales processes. They don't really at their core believe in what they're selling. When I first got started in network marketing, I was part of this company with Tyler and Darik and a bunch of other guys in the room is called Vemma.

And our business went really, really awesome and excelled like really, really fast. And then I kind of had this epiphany one day that I was selling this dream, but a lot of people weren't actually succeeding. I was selling this idea of people making money by drinking this energy drink. But in the reality was a lot of people weren't actually doing that. So I stopped believing in my product and as soon as I did I stopped believing in what I was selling. No matter how many strategies or tactics or different things that I learned, no matter what, I couldn't get it within myself to actually go out there and do the work. And so next slide. Um, and so there's this guy named Jay Abraham. He's one of the most famous like marketing consultants of all time. He's uh, uh, he basically says this, if you truly believe what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to sell them in every single way possible.

Okay? That means, how many of you guys, show of hands, by the way, raise your hand if you think that what you have here with the eaconomy is good and it's useful and it could actually help people. Okay. Then do you guys agree that you have a moral obligation to do whatever you can to sell to people? Absolutely. Right? Because if you don't, then you're really kind of screwing people. If you don't do whatever you can to get their money and to get them to buy this product, okay? If you truly believe in what you're selling, so how do you actually build your belief? Cause that's the whole key, right? If I really believe in what I'm doing, it's going to be a moral obligation, something internal inside of me that says, yes, I have to do whatever I possibly can to get it to this person because I know I'm doing something good.

I'm actually helping somebody. So your belief is something you believe something. For example, there's this tabletop, this belief that I suck at math, okay? And there's these legs that start to form. You get this leg, this one reinforcement of the table that says, um, you know, my mom said I sucked at math. Another reinforcement of this belief is that I failed at this test. Another reinforcement of this belief is that I had to retake Algebra one and you continue to get all these reinforcements about a certain belief and then it becomes a stronghold belief that you really believe to your core and that's how beliefs are formed. So with this particular opportunity in product, the way that you can form a strong belief in what you're actually selling, which is the internal stuff that's going to make all the strategies actually work for you guys is number one is you have to develop your own story, okay?

This is extremely important. You have to develop your own story first of all, second of all, you to develop your story over a period of time because as your results continue to happen over and over and over again, or your experience with our company gets better and better and better over time, your story gets stronger and stronger than you get more convicted in what you're actually talking about in what you're selling. Um, the, the other thing that can raise your belief, another leg, if you will, a re-inforcement to enforce this belief that what we have is good is getting testimonials of other people. So that's one of the reasons why we've created this thing called the economy trade club, by the way. And you guys excited about the economy trade club, dude, that's cool, right? Yeah. So the reason we created this was because we know that if you guys could see other people succeeding and winning with our products, then you too will believe that you could actually win.

You'll believe that what we have to offer as good and in turn, you're obviously going to share it with more and more people. Um, that's the whole idea behind the eaconomy and trade club. So here's my idea behind building your belief is get results. Get a story with our products and stay in the game. It doesn't do a whole lot of good. If you get in the game and then you blow your account, then your belief is going to go like, so my advice is to stay real conservative with it, especially if you're a marketer and you want to do this from a marketing standpoint. But I have a story that builds over time instead of this overnight rich type of story. Okay. Um, so that's the first thing is you've got to actually believe and you believe by getting these different reinforcements, this is making sense. This is making sense. I want you to raise your hand. Say Yes.

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