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The Exact Formula For Happiness

How to be happy!

I remember as a kid, my happiest moments were playing on the playground. At recess you’d go out and there’d be all the kids playing, climbing all over stuff, hanging on the monkey bars and going down the slide.

The playground was the happiest time of my life. But, now as an adult, there’s no playgrounds, so how do I become happy?

This little trick is extremely simple and maybe you’ve already heard of it so this will be a great reminder because being happy is arguably one of the most important things, right?

Cee Lo Green even made a whole song about it, “Because I’m happy..”  You guys know the song..

The quickest way that you can get happy is simply just by smiling which is something I do all the time. It may sound really cheesy, but when I’m not feeling happy I just start grinning.

Since my facial bones and muscles are so used to smiling when I’m feeling happy, when I do it when I’m not so happy, it tends to trigger that happy emotion from within.

Try it, do it right now.

You still haven’t done it. DO IT! 🙂

You may say, oh, this is so cheesy, but If you’re not happy, just put a big ol’ smile on your face for 30 seconds.

I guarantee you’re gonna feel dramatically different. So, instead of going to the playground as an adult and getting stuck on the slide, this is how we can get happy!

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