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Sep 9, 2017

The Fastest Way To Make $1,000,000 Online

Today we’re going to be talking about the fastest way to become a millionaire online.

Making a million dollars, how do you do that? Well, first off, there’s a lot of BS out there. Well, I guess it’s maybe not BS, but I think there’s just faster routes than you can take and that’s what we’re going to cover right now, the fastest way that you can get to a million dollars. I want to break this down by the actual numbers for you and not just give you some hypey theory or any BS like that.

Let’s get into it. If you want to make a million dollars … I’m not the best at math so we’re going to use a little calculator here. If you want to make a million dollars, that’s $83,333 in a month, right?

Basic math.

That means in every week you got to make $20,833. When we break it down to the
daily numbers, if you take a million dollars and you divide it by 365 you got to make $2,739.73 every single day.

Taking that number, knowing we got to make roughly about $2,700 per day, what are the different ways that you could do it?

Well, one way you could do it is, you could go out there and you could sell inexpensive stuff. Like, a lot of people say you should go out and write these little eBooks and you should do a little affiliate marketing stuff on ClickBank, which, sure, you could do it, you could make money. I’ve done it myself. But I think that it just takes a lot longer. For example, if you wanted to make $2,700 dollars a day and you were selling a product, say, something that’s $50- then you’re going to have to sell about 55 products every single day to get to that level.

That’s 55 sales. And the sales process, right? You know, you got to bring in a lead, you got to show them a presentation, you got to follow up with them. In my experience the sales process is the sales process, and if you’re going to sell something cheap, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. I was like, you might as well sell something expensive.

That’s one way that you could do it, right? If you’re selling a $50 product, you have to sell 55 of those every single day. You got to do that every day for 365 days in order to make a million dollars, which, to me, that seems like hard work. That’s a lot of damn sales. That’s a lot of customer support you got to do, that’s a lot of people that you got to deal with. And people, in my experience, that are buying cheaper products, they’re harder to work with.

What we’ve done instead is, we started selling more high-ticket stuff. For example, let’s say that, you know, you need to make about $2,700 a day and you sell something that’s a thousand dollars, you only have to sell three of them in a day. And you tell me, what do you think is easier, selling something three times in a day or selling something 55 times in a day? It’s a no-brainer, in my opinion. Now, at the same point, let’s not say that
we’re selling something that’s a thousand dollars, let’s say that we’re selling something that’s $5,000. Then you can make less than one sale a day and you can become a millionaire online. That was the big secret for me when I made my first million dollars online, was selling more high-end stuff.

For example, here’s the story. When I first got started, I got started in network marketing. We had two different packages. We could either sell $120 … or, what was it? $150 worth of stuff and we’d make a $20 commission, or we could sell $500 worth of stuff and make $100 of commission. Let’s break that down. $150 worth of stuff, you make $20 commission. Okay, you want to make $2,700 in a day. Again, we’re doing this math. Hold on. $2,700 divided by a $20 commission, that’s like 135 sales every single day that you have to make, okay? That’s what I did previously, and it wasn’t until I started selling more high-end stuff that I realized the beauty in selling high-ticket stuff.

Not only is it a quicker route and you have to sell less stuff, but like I mentioned earlier, you’re going to deal with more higher-quality people. You’re not dealing with people that are broke, people that are frustrating to deal with, and you’ll probably bond and connect with these people more anyway. That’s my philosophy- if you want to get to a million dollars, you want to do it online, instead of selling all this chintzy stuff, sell something that you can find, either an affiliate product that’s high-end that you can make a highend commission on, or create your own product or program or something that you’re good at, that you can deliver in some sort of a course or some sort of coaching program. That’s what we’ve done, and that’s what’s allowed us to grow really quickly to the million-dollar mark.

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