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The Greatest Financial Investment Of All Time

Today we’re going to talk about is the single greatest financial investment I ever made. I’ve made some really, really dumb investments in my life and I also made some really smart ones. Let me tell you a little bit about my investing history…

I’ve made some really dumb, stupid, stupid investments. One of them, for example, is a Rolex watch. I bought a Rolex originally because I thought it would make me look cool, and I thought it would give me status or whatever. While it is a nice watch, and what not, it hasn’t made me a single dollar so it’s been a pretty poor investment. Zero ROI.

Investing $1 out in the hopes of getting $2 out …this watch hasn’t really done that for me. It’s a watch. Another investment that I made was I bought an Aston Martin. I lost tons of money on it. This is an investment that I consider a bad investment. I would actually consider this a liability, something that’s taking money out of my pocket every single month. Now, I’ve also made dumb investments investing into a hedge fund. A guy stole a bunch of money from me one time. I’ve been ripped off. I’ve been scammed. I’ve invested in stuff that didn’t really return me anything. I’ve also made some really, really smart investments. Let me talk more about those because that’d probably be more helpful to you.

One of the smartest investments that I’ve made (but still not the #1 greatest of all time) is my investment into my business- investing advertising into my business.

Investing into your business, which I think is the second greatest investment that you could make. In the past six months we’ve invested about $26,000 into advertising. That $26,000 has turned into $680,000 in revenue for our business. You might be thinking that’s a pretty damn good investment, a 2500% roi.

I’m going to show you an investment that’s even better than that in just a second.

But, when you think about that (26,000 into 680) that’s a really, really good return on your investment. Now, if you look at some of the top investors in the world, guys like Warren Buffet, guys like Carl Icahn, they get about a 20% to 31% return annually on their money. Every year they get about 20 to 30%.

Obviously, I’m not dumb. They’re playing with billions and billions and billions of dollars. I’m talking chump change compared to what they have. But believe it or not, I think the best investment that I ever made, was the one i’m about to share with you…

… I think I was 18 years old. I was down in the dumps, had started my first business, and kind of got it rolling, and this guy told me about this book. He said you got to buy this book.

At the time, I didn’t really have a whole lot of money. I had literally just started my first little car detailing business where I was cleaning the neighbor’s cars and whatnot. He told me about this book that I have to get. I remember that was a tough investment taking something that wasn’t going to physically bring me any money in return but actually investing into myself. It actually turned out to be the best investment that I’d ever made.

The book is called “The Secret”. A friend recommended it to me, and he told me that I needed to buy it. At the time, it didn’t make any sense. Why would I invest this into a book, into information? From that point, this book has led me down a whole different trajectory along in my life where I’ve continued to make investments into myself.

I’d say probably at this point in my life, realistically, I’ve invested maybe $200,000 into myself outside of my traditional education. You may be thinking, well, is it smart to actually invest into yourself? Isn’t it smarter to actually save money and put it away into an investment account, or put it away for savings or something that you want to buy?

My thinking is that the more that you could invest in yourself, the more you can invest into getting around people that are playing the game of life at a high level, into information courses. I know for a fact, for me, that’s what’s totally changed everything for me was because with the information that I took and the people I got around I was able to learn. I was able to shortcut the way to success a lot faster.

The best investment that you could possibly ever make is to continue to invest into yourself, into your education, because that’s the only person, the only thing that you could really bet on. I mean when everything else has its up and downs, you’re always going to be there and that’s the best investment that you can make, hands down. Never stop investing into yourself!

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