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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

The ONLY People You Should Listen Too

Whatever you do don’t listen to these types of people.

I got to tell you a story about this because if you do listen to these types of people then it can totally mess up your life.

It was maybe five or six years ago, I was in San Diego and I got an opportunity to go on this really cool dinner cruise where we went on a really nice yacht and we went touring throughout the San Diego Bay. I got the chance to meet one of my idols at the time, which was this guy named Bob Proctor.

He’s from this movie called “The Secret”, which had made a huge impact in my life.

I actually got a chance to sit down and talk with him and the thing that he taught me dramatically impacted my life. I was maybe 19 years old at that time and walked up to him all nervous.

I go up to Bob and my heart’s beating really fast and I go, “Hi, Bob. Nice to meet you. What’s your one piece of advice for me? I’m young but I want to become successful and I want to become wealthy. What’s your one piece of advice?”

He looked at me and I remember he goes, “Take advice from the people getting the results. Everybody has opinions, but opinions are the cheapest thing on the planet. Look at the results that they have and if they have what you want, listen to what they’re saying. If they don’t have the results, be respectful but don’t listen to what they have to say.”

Ever since he told me that, it really hit me because there’s so many people today especially in the information age where there’s a lot of people that are giving advice and saying stuff but the best way to know if you should actually listen to somebody is to look at the fruit that they bear. Look at the results that they have and if they actually have the results, you should listen to them but if they don’t, it’s fine. Be nice to them but don’t listen to what they have to say.

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