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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

This is Why 92% of New Years Resolutions FAIL!

The year is coming to an end quickly and it’s about that time of year where everyone’s going to get all excited about New Years and they’re going to be setting their new resolutions and goals for 2018.

Normally when I set my New Year’s resolutions, I would break it down like, “Here’s my goal for my business, here’s my goal for my personal finances, here’s my goal for my health, here’s my goal for my relationships and here’s my goals for my personal development.”

I’ll have all these little categories and I’ll set a goal for each one, and usually when I do this, I’ll get excited about them for like a month or something like that, but I never really follow through and I definitely don’t accomplish all of them.

Actually, looking back, I don’t know previously to doing it this way, if I ever accomplished my New Year’s resolutions until I started doing it this way I’m going to show you, which is the correct way to do it, I believe.

I got a chance to learn this from a coach of mine, Mandy Keen. She’s extremely brilliant when it comes to getting people to perform. She talked about instead of setting all these different goals for New Years, just set one goal for the entire year.

Make it a really awesome goal, but actually make it attainable and just set one goal. So instead of trying to accomplish all these different things, and your energy is all spread out thin, you just set one goal and really focus on this one thing. Treat this one goal as something if you were to accomplish this in 2018, life would be incredible.

It’s like that concept of when you’re a kid and you took the magnifying glass out and you got the sun into the magnifying glass and when it concentrated the sun, you could actually burn an ant. You guys have done that right?

It’s the same thing with our goals. If we’re just focused on one singular thing for throughout the entire year, then boom, we’re much more likely to achieve that.

I started doing this last year and I achieved my big goal that I set out to do this year. It was super cool because it was a  big goal of mine that I’d never accomplished before.

That’s my advice. Instead of going out there and setting tons and tons of goals, just set one single goal. There’s this book about it actually called, The One Thing. This whole book is written about this concept. When you can focus in on one thing, it’s a lot easier to accomplish.

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