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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

This One Thing Will KILL Your Success

How to kill procrastination.

This is absolutely fascinating because I don’t have a serious procrastination problem, but sometimes I do have a little bit of a procrastination problem.. andI think that most people do.

Some people I know have extreme procrastination problems where they’ll have several months to get a project done, to write a paper, or to write a book, and they’ll wait all the way up until a day before, or two days before to do something. It really kind of hurts because we don’t HAVE to procrastinate.

I read this interesting article one time by this guy that actually writes for Elon Musk and his website. He’s brilliant and writes really interesting articles.

He talked about what’s actually happening when we procrastinate. And essentially what’s going on inside of our brain is this.. Imagine some guy steering a ship. He’s making the decisions, but there’s also this little monkey over here and it’s called the instant gratification monkey. And all this monkey wants to do is wants to play, it wants to have fun and it wants to do other things like right now, now, now, right?

And so what happens for people is while they know that they have to make a decision, there’s this guy steering the boat in their brain that’s saying, “Oh, I got all this time..”

So, what people do is they just start goofing off, right? They start doing stuff because, “You know, I got still a whole week. Oh, I’ve got five days. Oh, I’ve still got three days.”

And so what ends up happening is like a day, or six hours, or maybe even an hour before the project’s due, they’re working their butt off trying to get stuff done, because this procrastination monkey’s been messing with them the whole time.

Now, the thing that kills the procrastination monkey is something called a deadline. What the deadline does, is when the deadline comes in it scares off the procrastination monkey, and the procrastination monkey runs away and boom, you’re left to do what you actually need to do.

So, I have a perfect example of myself doing this exact thing. We had a live event recently, and I had probably three, four months to prepare for it. And I thought, “oh, you know, I’ll do some now, and I’ll do some in a week and, then I’ll do some in another week. And I’ll just chunk it out, and I’ll get it done like a normal human being, right?”

And what happened was about three days before the live event happened, I had to schedule everything. I had to do six presentations. I had to make all the power points. I had to write all the content. I had to schedule a whole bunch of different stuff, and I waited until the very last minute. And in these three days I got more done than I’d ever gotten done in my life because there’s now there’s this deadline that scared off the instant gratification monkey, and I actually ended up doing stuff and getting stuff done.

Do you find yourself procrastinating at times?

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