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May 29, 2019
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Nov 6, 2017

Plan Your Work

This ONE THING will make you 10X more productive!

Posted by Adam Wenig on Monday, November 6, 2017

Working your plan.
This one little key has allowed me to become way more productive in my life, and I originally got this from my father, who has been in business for over 30 years now.

One thing that I noticed as a child was the night before his next work day, he would go into this day planner, and write down exactly what he needed to do the next day. He has multiple journals from every single year of him doing this, and he’s one of the most productive people that I know.

As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself productive. You wake up and you got all these things to do and places to go. So, before the day starts, I find it a must to write my agenda down. I notice that if I don’t do this, then I don’t end up being productive and I don’t get much done at all.

So, one thing that I’ve done that’s really served me over the years is to actually write out exactly what my day is going to look like. I learned this little secret from my dad and it’s been huge for my success.

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