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This Secret Will Make You A Better Public Speaker

I get these two questions quite a bit at our live events when I’m meeting people:

“Adam, how did you get good at public speaking?”


“How did you get comfortable in front of video?”

I tell them that it’s actually different than what most people think, and it’s different than what we’re taught in school.

In school, we’re taught you’re supposed to script out the entire presentation, then you memorize it, and lastly you deliver the presentation in front of the audience.

What I do is just think about the three key points that I want to make to those who are listening and write them down. I take those three points and write them in a bullet point list.

Then, right next to them, I have a story or an example that I’m going to tell, to each of those different points. The goal by doing this is to hit both the logical side and the emotional side of the brain for each of the three points.

Next is actually being able to deliver it. Instead of being so much in my head about trying to sound perfect with everything, I just focus on communicating the three bullet point topics to the audience.

When you do that, everything is a lot simpler and you’ll come across a lot clearer. I don’t really care so much about if I “um” or I trip on my words, because I’m just deliberate about, “Can I actually get this message across to people,” instead of thinking so much in my head about, “Am I saying the right words?”

If you do those two things, you’ll be less worried about how you’re saying it and more focused on what you’re saying, leading to a much better presentation for the audience.

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