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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

What I Learned From A Rock’n’Roll Millionaire

I want to tell you an interesting story that I learned recently from this guy. He is what I would call a rock’n’roll millionaire, and it was actually really interesting. It happened to me over this holiday break up in Lake Tahoe. I was reading this book at the time called “Ready Fire Aim”, and it tied in perfectly to this.

A couple weeks ago over Christmas break, I went with my family to rent out this cabin in Lake Tahoe. One of the nights, me and my brother really wanted to go sit in a hot tub.

So, we’re sitting in there for a while, and then this guy comes in. He’s got long hair, and he’s wearing these stylish cool glasses and some sort of necklace with this interesting piece on it. He kind of looked like a rock’n’roll dude.

As soon as he gets in, he’s like stepping down the steps to come into the hot tub, and there’s a couple other people in the hot tub, and he goes, “What up people?”

So, immediately I knew this guy was a character. I made an intention to start speaking to him, which was easy because he’s this extremely outgoing guy. We start talking and after a little bit he says, “Yeah, I’m retiring this next year.”

I go okay, what are you going to do when you retire? He responded, “I’m going to catch some fish. I’m actually in the process of building out this 3,000 foot long dock in Costa Rica that people with yachts are going to come and park their boats.”

We got to talking more and more, and he starts telling me about all this stuff he has. He has multiple properties in Tahoe, and in different parts of the world. I found out this guy was obviously very wealthy.

The most interesting part is at the very end, when we’re just about to leave the hot tub. I say, “Hey man, really cool talking with you, and hope you catch a lot of fish when you retire.”

I go in there, I shake his hand, I say “nice to meet you.”

He pulls me in a little bit, and he goes, “Hey brother, go fast, take chances, and brake hard.”

It’s been my theme song for 2018. This whole theme of go fast and take chances and it was actually so funny because this whole book, “Ready Fire Aim: Zero to One Hundred Million in No Time Flat” is about this same concept. It talks about the key is to go fast and take chances.

If you’re watching this, and you’re young, this is especially for you. What do we have to lose? Go fast, and take chances.

So, I wanted to share that story with all of you guys because I thought it may hit somebody that also wants to make this their theme song for 2018. Go fast, take chances!

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