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May 29, 2019
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Why I Woke Up Crying Every Morning

I want to tell you a story of not too long ago when I wasn’t doing too hot and failed big time.

I had grown a successful business, and then it completely crashed. I had no source of income. I was living off my credit cards. I felt broken…broke not only financially but also spiritually. I felt like I had lost my identity. I wasn’t excited about who I was, I wasn’t excited about the future and I was at this point in my life where I was at this really low place.

I remember every day I’d wake up and I’d be almost scared. Uncertain of what my next move was and what I was going to do next. I don’t know what it was, but sometimes when you hit rock bottom, that can be when really powerful things happen.

It’s interesting that I’m telling this story on Thanksgiving…

Around this time, I had started going back to church and I started feeling a little bit better. Eventually, I got to this point where I knew that if I could just get myself to feel gratitude, to get myself to feel grateful, then I wouldn’t feel fearful at the same time because it’s impossible to feel grateful and scared at the same time.

It was really a big priority in my life to get my head straight and heart and mind right.

I remember there was this period in my life where literally every single morning for about a month where I would wake up, get out of bed, and I would start praying to God. I’d get so grateful that I would literally start crying nearly every single morning. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I just tried to intensify that feeling as much as possible.

What it did when I tapped into that feeling of gratitude was it allowed me to totally change my day. I went from having all these shitty days to having really good days where all this good stuff was happening to me. I started attracting the right opportunities and the right people into my life.

It all happened because I’d wake up and I’d feel this state of gratitude. Yeah, it may seem kind of weird to you that this grown man is crying every morning, but it was because I was so grateful.

I really contribute all the reason why I was able to get out of that place in my head was just because I got grateful.

I know I have friends of mine who struggle with anxiety and being too much in their head. A lot of times I tell them to just start thinking of things as soon as they wake up that they’re thankful for. Then think of another thing, then another thing and another thing. Just start counting your blessings.

Then, you start changing the way that you think because your conscience is no longer thinking about the lack or the negativity, but it’s thinking about all these good things.

Finding a place of gratitude completely changed my life at a point when I was rock bottom.

Because it’s Thanksgiving, take several minutes today to start counting your blessings.

What are all the things that you can be grateful for?

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