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May 29, 2019
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May 29, 2019

Why This Old Lamborghini Costs 3X More

We were in Brickell, Miami and came across a 1985 Lamborghini. This Lamborghini rents out for $2,000 an hour, and our buddy at Curated Investments let us shoot a cool video right next to it.

What’s interesting about this Lambo is it’s old. You can go get a brand new Lamborghini, and you could rent that thing for maybe a thousand dollars a day. This 1985 Lambo though? It rents out for $2,000 every single hour.

So why would this old car be rented out for like 10 times the amount that you could get a brand new one for?

What he was telling me was the story behind it. He told me all these big rappers and celebrities pay ridiculous amounts of money to drive this specific car, and the reason being is that there’s only four of these in the United States.

I’m thinking about this, and I’m thinking about business, influence and persuasion of marketing. One of the big keys to be able to charge premium prices is this concept of exclusivity and scarcity, right?

Whenever there’s only a few of something, people always want it, so it causes the prices to go way up. So, you can do that a lot in the marketing for your business, just like this guy’s done with this car.

Besides just cars, this can also be true with night clubs and even golfing clubs. Sometimes there’s only a certain amount of people that are allowed to be in it, so the concept of exclusivity and scarcity kick in and it becomes more desirable.

So when you’re selling and marketing your products and/or services, if you can make it more exclusive, more people will want it. And when more people want it, you can raise your prices and charge top dollar.

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